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Pacific Rim pt.2

     And so we continue this hot topic. The first problem was with the appearance of Kaiju and the concept of dinosaur. The next problem I found is the twisted concept of Kaiju. Seriously, don’t you realize it? Dr.Newton said that the epidermis cell of each different Kaiju are completely the same. Even the DNA are equally match. And the conclusion from the drift was cloning. If I recall, cloning has 3 different method. And the method closest to the concept of Kaiju, in which the movie shows the term of pregnancy, is Nucleur Transfer. Nucleur Transfer requires the donor animal cell to be put it into an unfertilised egg cell (an oocyte) whose nucleus has been removed, so that what remains provides the cellular machinery required in the formation of an embryo. Sooner, an electric pulse fuses these two genes causing the formation of embryo in a mother. The resulting organism is a clone which results in identical gene.
      Kaiju doesn’t have the identical gene, look at each of Kaijus look! Completely different and they said it’s a clone! Identical Nucleur Transfer clone. Dinosaurs breed and have different DNA, looks and species. Even bones and skeleton system. So do Kaiju, different bone structure. Codename Knifehead looks like… its name! Another Kaiju which attack HongKong looks like an Aerodactyl.
     What I’m trying to say is that the concept of Kaiju and Dinosaur are incompatible. Even the cloning concept is odd. I’m not trying to criticise the way of thinking or ideas, but just sharing something that keep lingering in my mind. It’s not wrong for creating movies with this concept, maybe it’s another concept of SCIENCE that we didn’t discover yet. But my review was based on now days research and stuff. But wait, Pacific Rim still one of the best movie in 2013. So don’t worry :3 I like it. Keep up with this kind of movie!

Pacific Rim pt.1

I’ve done watching Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro. I can’t deny, the storyline was unpredictable! It’s worth for $430 mil! A Jaegar, large gigantic mecha to defeat enormous size monsters is quite bizzare! Kinda remind me of Ultraman though.
       But there’s something keep on bugging me about the movie, Pacific Rim. Just as Dr. Newton said that those Kaiju were actually dinosaurs, it kinda make me want to post this review. Dr. Newton believes that those Kaiju are coming to Earth to consume its mineral and all. For their living. And dinosaurs was the first generation of Kaiju ever landed on Earth. But because of the gas, atmosphere and high temperature, Kaiju can’t live on Earth yet. Due to pollution, thinning ozone layer and stuff happening now days, it become a perfect home to this beast!
    I like that idea of “Kaiju colonisation" Terrorising the Earth. Clearing the pest, us humans, for their sake of its living. But the problem is, Dinosaur? Seriously, Dinosaur? The idea’s perfect! Out Of the box. You deserve millions of clap. But the model of Kaiju is not suitable for this creature known as dinosaur. Its size, body figure, characteristic and stuff.
        Let’s take a look at Kaijus size. Taller than San Francisco bridge. Bigger than Jumbo Jet. Have you seen any dinosaur with that size before? It clearly shows that dinosaur and Kaiju are different. So how come Dr.Newton said that the fragment of his drift with Kaijus brain brings the conclusion of Kaiju is dinosaur.  I know some of you might says evolution. Take it as evolution then. Animals get bigger now days. UNACCEPTABLE! Status quo shows that bigger animals get smaller and smaller animals get bigger. This fact is undeniable. We can also see it around us. Look at crocodile for an example. Crocodile is an evolution of Protosuchus (first crocodile). 142 million years ago, crocodile was known as Protosuchus or Sarcosuchus. This creature was about 36-39 feet long! Smaller than Kaiju, and now days crocodile were smaller! So how come the rest of the dinosaur evolve into LARGE KAIJU!

    Lets take another example, Rhinoceros. Original was Triceratops (68 mill years ago). It evolve into smaller animals, the Rhinoceros. How about Kraken? Still an octopus. This shows that Kaiju evolution in sizes are pretty massive and unacceptable by rationality and logistic. EPIC FAIL!

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